Manufactured Goods

Packaging for Hand Tools, Hoses & Connectors,
Zip Screws, Nuts & Bolts

Your manufactured products need a home, and we’re the company to provide it. We custom design cartons that will fit and protect your manufactured products, while being cost-efficient and maintaining a stylish, eye-catching look.

What sets us apart?

With so many shapes, sizes, and different weights, designing cartons for tools can be a challenge. Not for us. We have worked with tool suppliers and all different types of tools, and our previous experience in this department makes it easy to design a carton that will fit both your tool and your brand image.

Manufactured Products Packaging samples photo

Clients for Manufactured Products include: All Pac, Amcon, Honeywell, Western Container, APG, Wenger Corp. Tool Clients include: Malco products* and Timron Precision gear

*Kane Packaging & Printing, Inc. is proud to be a Malco Preferred Supplier